13 Unbeatable Places for Best Biryani in Mumbai!

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After Hyderabad, Chennai, Bangalore, Dubai, Pune, and Delhi, we are continuing our series of best places for biryani. This time we are covering Mumbai, the financial capital of India and also the city of dreams. Be it a get-together, or a house party, Biryani is the first choice of many people. Not just the taste is good, but Biryani also doesn’t harm your body and it is good on pocket. Mumbai is among the leading consumer of Biryani in India of course led by Hyderabad. This mouth-watering dish is just constantly growing its fan base in India every day. So, let’s have a look at the Best Places for Biryani in Mumbai without wasting more time on reading text.

Best Places for Biryani in Mumbai

This magical combination of aromatic spices, long-grain rice, and succulent meat is just amazing for every person. You’ll not find anyone hating Biryani. It is one of the most popular dishes around the world. We have compiled this list of the best places for biryani in Mumbai so that you can focus on food instead of searching for the best place. One can experience a wide variety of Biryanis at the restaurants mentioned in our list. So, get ready to ditch Vada-Pao this time and have a date with the king of millions of hearts, BIRYANI!!!

Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar (#1 Biryani in Mumbai)

Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar
Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar

You might already have guessed the first position. Undoubtedly, Shalimar Restaurant in Bhendi Bazaar is the best and a legendary place for having biryani in Mumbai. With over 21,000 reviews on Google, it is most popular among the biryani lovers in Mumbai. You’ll find this place filled with diners throughout the day. Shalimar Restaurant serves from 10 AM until 2 AM past midnight. So, this place can be a perfect spot for your midnight cravings. Not just for biryani, but Shalimar Restaurant is also quite popular for its falooda, malpua, and pizza.

You must try their range of Dum Biryanis during your visit to the restaurant. Otherthan Biryani, you can also try their Mutton Mughlai, Shawarma Pizza, Hyderabadi Chicken, Authentic Mughlai Food, Veg Cheese Sandwich, and Chicken Afghani.

  • Price: ₹260 Onwards
  • Address: Shalimar Corner, Mohammed Ali Rd, Bhendi Bazaar, Umerkhadi, Mumbai
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Persian Darbar, Marol

Persian Darbar, Marol (Best Biryani in Mumbai)
Persian Darbar, Marol | Picture: Luxury My Wedding

Offering a wide range of biryani options, Persian Darbar is among the leading Mughlai Restaurants of Mumbai. They have 4 branches in Mumbai out of which the most popular branch is in Marol, Andheri. Chicken Persian Special Biryani, Raan Biryani, and Mutton Persian Special Biryani are must-try dishes for any biryani lover.

Persian Darbar was established in 1976 and since then it has been an outstanding place for having biryani. A lot of people are loyal customers of this restaurant because of its hospitality and customer experience. You can have Punjabi, Seafood, Mughlai, and Chinese dishes at Persian Darbar. Other than Biryani, you can also try their Mutton Kabsa, Mutton Platter, Kunafa, and Mughlai Chicken.

  • Price: ₹275 Onwards
  • Address: Time Square Building, B3, Andheri – Kurla Rd, Marol, Andheri
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Borivali Biryani Centre, Borivali West

Borivali Biryani Centre, Borivali West
Borivali Biryani Centre, Borivali West | Picture: Zomato

An innovative restaurant offering new biryani flavors and styles to their customers. Borivali Biryani Centre is among the leading restaurants for Biryani in Mumbai. You can experience Biryani Barbeque at this restaurant. Order any item from the menu of the restaurant and you’ll end up being amazed by the taste and quality of the food offered at Borivali Biryani Centre. The menu is average on a budget but the taste is worth every penny spent. Do try their Paneer Tikka Biryani, Lamb Biryani, and Chicken Tikka Biryani. Other than Biryani, you can try their Veg Kohlapuri, Chicken Tandoori, Afghani Chicken, Onion Kulcha, and Fry Prawns.

  • Price: ₹320 Onwards
  • Address: Clover Grove, Shop no 35 to 39, Wasabi CHS, RDP 10, Mumbai
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Noor Mohammadi Hotel, Bhendi Bazaar

Noor Mohammadi Restaurant & Hotel, Bhendi Bazaar
Noor Mohammadi Restaurant & Hotel, Bhendi Bazaar | Picture: Free Press Journal

Before the Independence of India, Noor Mohammadi Hotel is in existence for 94 years. The survival of a restaurant for this long period is itself a symbol of its quality and hospitality. Also to be noted that a lot of celebrities have visited here and are still loyal customers of this legendary restaurant. Noor Mohammadi Hotel is popular for its Nalli Nahari, Chicken Hakimi, and Sanju Baba Chicken (as the recipe was given by himself to the restaurant).

A lot of people come here to enjoy their amazing biryanis. One can try their Chicken Biryani and Chicken White Biryani. Otherthan Biryanis, you can also try their Chicken Hakimi, Chicken Sanjubaba, Shaami Kebab, Nali Nihari, Yakhni Pulao, and Matka Rabdi.

  • Price: ₹120 Onwards
  • Address: 181-183 I R Road Abdul Hakim Noor Mohammadi Chowk, Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai
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Lucky Restaurant, Bandra

Lucky Restaurant, Bandra
Lucky Restaurant, Bandra | Picture: MakeMyTrip

Popular for Slow-cooked Home-Style Biryanis, Lucky Restaurant is among the leading restaurants for Biryani in Mumbai. Not just biryani, but they have got a wide range of Muglai dishes to try. It is a good place for visiting with friends and family. Their Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani is the most selling dishes. They have multiple branches in Mumbai but the most popular outlet is in Bandra West.

Lucky Restaurant serves both Mughlai and North Indian dishes. Prices are average and there is ample space for catering to big gatherings also. Customer service, as well as the quality of food, is good at Lucky Restaurant. Other than Biryani, you can try Brain Masala Fry, Chicken Tikka Curry, Chicken Matka, Authentic Mughlai Food, Chicken Kepsa, and Bheja Masala.

  • Price: ₹320 Onwards
  • Address: Junction Of 9 SV Road & Hill Road, Hill Road, Bandra West, Mumbai
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Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Jogeshwari

Jaffer Bhai's Delhi Darbar, Jogeshwari
Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Jogeshwari

Another old established restaurant in this list of best biryani in Mumbai, Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar was established in 1973. Popularly known as the Biryani King of Mumbai, this restaurant lives up to the expectations of diners. They have been serving outstanding biryani for about 45 years now. Chicken Biryani, Chicken Tikka Biryani, and Mutton Biryani are the most popular biryanis of Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar in Jogeshwari. The staff, as well as their quality of food, is good and you must give this restaurant a try. Other than Biryani, you can try their Murgh Malai, Dabba Gosht, Paya, Khichda, Salli Boti, and Shahi Tukda.

  • Price: ₹250 Onwards
  • Address: Shop No. 3, EE Heights, SV Rd, Khan Estate, Jogeshwari West, Mumbai
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Mao Family Restaurant, Kalbadevi

Mao Family Restaurant, Kalbadevi
Mao Family Restaurant, Kalbadevi

Located in Kalbadevi, it is a multicuisine family restaurant. At Mao Family Restaurant, you can try a dish called Kapsa which is a magical blend of Rice, Spices, and Meat. Quite similar to Biryani, Kapsa is an Arabic dish from Saudi Arabia. You can try their Chicken Tikka Biryani, Chicken Hyderabadi Biryani, Mutton Biryani, and Prawn Biryani. The ambiance is not so fancy but when it comes to food, you’ll be licking your fingers after having your meal. Shawarma is also one famous offering of Mao Family Restaurant. Customer service, as well as the price to portion ratio, is good at the restaurant. Other than the variety of Kapsa, you can also try their Garlic Fried Rice, Chocolate Dessert, Caramel Custard, Mughlai Food, and Chicken Tandoori.

  • Price: ₹160 Onwards
  • Address: 534/536, Dhobitalao, Lohar Chawl, Near Metro Theatre, Kalbadevi, Mumbai
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Cafe Noorani, Tardeo

Cafe Noorani, Tardeo
Cafe Noorani, Tardeo | Picture: Cafe Noorani

Popular for their Chicken Tikka Biryani which cooks in a non-traditional method, Cafe Noorani in Tardeo is among the most popular places for Biryani in Mumbai. The ambience of Cafe Noorani is basic and not so spacious, so if the ambience of the restaurant is not a big deal then this is a must-try place for everyone reading this article. As far as the prices are concerned, it is light on pocket and a day-to-day place for many in Tardeo and the nearby area. Along with Chicken Tikka Biryani, people also like their Fish Tandoori Biryani, Prawns Biryani, and Mutton Biryani. On your visit to Cafe Noorani, you can also try dishes like Firni, Seekh Kebab, and Falooda.

  • Price: ₹240 Onwards
  • Address: Plot No.5D, Tardeo Road Opposite Heera Panna Shopping Center, Haji Ali, Mumbai
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Kasbah Grand, Goregaon

Kasbah Grand, Goregaon
Kasbah Grand, Goregaon

Offering a stunning rooftop, Kasbah Grand is preferred for its rooftop dining and the variety of food it offers. They serve their signature Nawaabi Thaal which is priced at a whooping ₹10,800. Coming to what you are here for, their Murgh Musallam Biryani is popular among diners. The ambience of the restaurant is attractive and delivers a chill vibe throughout the time accompanied by soft music. The service at the restaurant is really good and you’ll love your time having a meal at Kasbah Grand located in Goregaon. On your visit to the restaurant, don’t forget to try their Ajwain Paneer Tikka, Raan Sikandari, Murgh Matka, Chicken Tawa Pulao, and Paneer Takatak.

  • Price: ₹499 Onwards
  • Address: Top Floor, Chandiwala Arcade, Opp. Goregaon Central Mall, Goregaon West, Mumbai
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Delux Kerala Restaurant, Fort

Hotel Deluxe, Fort
Hotel Deluxe, Fort

Mostly known as Hotel Deluxe located in Fort Area, this restaurant is now operating as Deluxe Kerala Restaurant. Deluxe Hotel is popular for its Kerala dishes. Boneless Chicken Biryani served at Deluxe Hotel is among the best Boneless Chicken Biryani in Mumbai. Instead of long-grain rice, their biryani is prepared with Short-grain rice and added with a lot of spices and ghee. The aromatic flavor of their biryani s surely going to put you in biryani heaven. Not just Biryani, this restaurant is also popular for Chicken Kerala, Squid Fry, Kerala Parotta, Parottas, Beef Roast, and Avial. So, when you are in Fort, don’t forget to give Deluxe Kerala Restaurant a try.

  • Price: ₹125 Onwards
  • Address: 0-A, Pitha St, opp. Citibank, Fort, Mumbai

Zaffran, Infiniti Mall

Zaffran - Best Biryani in Mumbai
Zaffran – Best Biryani in Mumbai

Ranked number 12, It is Mumbai’s popular Zaffran located in Andheri. They have got multiple branches across Mumbai. During the Eid celebration, you’ll find Zaffran crowded with people looking for their favourite Mutton Biryani. The perfect blend of fresh meat with spices tastes like heaven at Zaffran. When you visit Zaffran, just don’t miss having their Ghost Mutton Biryani, you’ll end up licking your fingers I bet. Not just biryani, people also enjoy dishes like Roomali Masala Papad, Galouti Kebab, Mughlai Food, Malai Tikka, Paneer Makhani, and Dal Makhni at Zaffran. Talking about ambience and staff, I will just conclude that in one word “SOOO GOOD”.

  • Price: ₹425 Onwards
  • Address: 3rd Floor, Infinti Mall, New Link Rd, Malad West

Birista Biryani, Navi Mumbai

Birista Biryani
Birista Biryani | Picture: Zomato

Not just a Biryani Restaurant, Birista Biryani is also a Barbeque which is quite popular in Mumbai. Located in Sector 15, CBD-Belapur, Birista Biryani also have multiple outlets across Mumbai. Best served at Birista Biryani is their Murgh Nawabi Biryani cooked in a perfect blend of yoghurt, spices, rice, and fresh chicken meat. The restaurant area is not so big but they provide comfortable seating and amazing staff service. Apart from Murgh Nawabi Biryani, people love their Chicken Burrah, Authentic Dum Biryani, Firni, Seekh Kebabs, and Caramel Custard. Cash, Cards, as well as Digital Payments, are accepted at the restaurant.

  • Price: ₹299 Onwards
  • Address: Shop 12, Plot 53, Bhramma, Opposite Bhoomi Mall, Sector-15, CBD-Belapur
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Dewano Da Dhaba, Versova

Dewano Ka Dhaba, Versova
Dewano Ka Dhaba, Versova

Last but not least in our list of Best Places for Biryani in Mumbai, Dewano Ka Dhaba is a Dhaba styled restaurant located in Versova. This restaurant offers one of the biggest menus for Biryani among all the biryani restaurants in Mumbai. The most popular at Dewano Ka Dhaba is their Sikandari Raan Biryani. The ambience is bright and seating arrangements are good for couples as well as group dining. Along with the taste, the portion is also good enough and fair to the price you pay. Other than Sikandari Raan Biryani, people come to have Twisted Chicken Tikka, Dhania Chicken, Tawa Chaap, Bharwan Aloo, Jalebi Rabdi, and Butter Naan at Dewano Ka Dhaba.

  • Price: ₹290 Onwards
  • Address: Shop 13/14 A, Poseidon Building, Yari Road, Versova, Andheri West, Mumbai
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FAQs – Best Places for Biryani in Mumbai

  • Shalimar Restaurant, Bhendi Bazaar
  • Borivali Biryani Centre, Borivali West
  • Persian Darbar, Marol
  • Noor Mohammadi Hotel, Bhendi Bazaar
  • Lucky Restaurant, Bandra
  • Jaffer Bhai’s Delhi Darbar, Jogeshwari
  • Mao Family Restaurant, Kalbadevi
  • Cafe Noorani, Tardeo
  • Kasbah Grand, Goregaon
  • Delux Kerala Restaurant, Fort
  • Zaffran, Infiniti Mall
  • Birista Biryani, Navi Mumbai
  • Dewano Da Dhaba, Versova

There are 5 varieties that restaurants use for biryani and you can also use these if you are planning to cook biryani at home:

  • Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice (Old)
  • Vedaka Super Basmati Rice
  • Nature’s Gift Basmati Rice
  • India Khas XXL Supreme Basmati Rice
  • Shrilalmahal Fitness Basmati Rice

Generally 2 people of healthy appetite can equally enjoy 1 kg of biryani and 3-4 people of below average appetite can easily enjoy 1 kg biryani. Half plate of biryani is generally known as 500 gms of pack. 2 people with average appetite can easily eat in half kg of biryani.

1 kg (kilograms) biryani simply means one kilogram of rice and 1 kilogram of chicken. Combined together, it is served as 1 kg of biryani. The material is firstly weighted in raw form valuing 1 kg and then cooked. 1 Kg biryani is quite popular among groups.

Hyderabad is the most popular place for biryanis in India. Biryani lovers from around the country at least visit this place once to experience the authentic biryanis of Hyderabad. Chennai is the second most popular place for biryani in India.

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