15 Best Places for Aromatic Biryani in Dubai in 2023!

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Indian cuisines are one of the most diverse and versatile in the whole world. Brought to India in 1398 by a Turk-Mongol conqueror. Biryani is a world-famous dish. As we have mentioned in our previous biryani articles, Biryani is not just a mere food item, It is a feeling for biryani lovers. Not just the world-popular Hyderabad, but there are plenty of restaurants that serve one of the best biryani in Dubai also. The aromatic blend of rice, chicken, vegetables, and spices is quite loved in Dubai too. As we cannot do justice by clubbing all the restaurants in one sentence, here is the list of 15 Best Places for Biryani in Dubai.

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Best Places for Biryani in Dubai

Not just the oldest civilization, but India has been doing great in the kitchen also for ages. Indian restaurants can be found easily anywhere in the world. Especially in Dubai, you can see a lot of Indian restaurants serving regional cuisines. You’ll find a lot of Indian Mughlai restaurants in Dubai where you can enjoy great food. So, your search for the best biryani in Dubai will end here in this article. Dubai is among the biggest consumers of Biryani around the globe after India and Pakistan. So, let see what are the best places for biryani in Dubai.

Jaffer Bhai’s, Al Karama

Jaffer Bhai's, Al Karama
Jaffer Bhai’s, Al Karama

Coming all-the-way from Mumbai, Jaffer Bhai’s in Al Karama is the most popular place for biryani in Dubai. The premium blend of onions, spices, chicken, dry-fruits, and long-rice is just a heavenly experience  for any food lover. Costing AED 25 onwards, Biryani at Jaffer Bhai’s worth every penny spent for it. Located next to Dubai Healthcare City Metro Station, It is easy to access and there is ample parking space for any size of the vehicle. Not only the food is superb but the service of the restaurant is top-notch.

  • Price: AED 25 Onwards
  • Address: Shop 3, Ground Floor, Al Wasl Building, Beside The Raymond Shop, Zaabeel Road, Al Karama, Dubai

Pak Liyari, Meena Bazaar

Pak Liyari, Meena Bazaar
Pak Liyari, Meena Bazaar

Known for Mutton Biryani, Pak Liyari is a Pakistani restaurant located in Meena Bazar in Dubai. This place is suitable for family dinner and the pricing is also quite reasonable. Pak Liyari can be placed at 1st place but as we cannot put two restaurants at 1st, Pak Liyari is no less than the best biryani restaurant in Dubai. Seating arrangements at the restaurant are good and feel like a happening place. The most popular dish of the restaurant is Mutton Biryani with extra masala so if you are going to have a biryani, don’t forget to try this one at Pak LIyari. Along with Mutton Biryani, you can also try chana daal, brain masala, keema, mutton tikka, and bhindi.

  • Price: AED 15 Onwards
  • Address: Opp Astoria Hotel, BDB Building Near Al Fahidi Street, Bur Dubai

Salkara Restaurant, Al Qusais – 3rd Best Biryani in Dubai


This one is a Malabari restaurant serving glorious recipes from the 70s and 80s era. Located in Al Quasis, Salkara serves one of the best South Indian and dishes in Dubai. Not only south Indian dishes, Salkara restaurant is also very popular for Biryani in Dubai. If you are not into spicy stuff then you’ll love the texture and smoothness of biryani at Salkara. Especially if you are going with children then Biryani at Salkara will be the most preferable one. The restaurant has multiple branches in Dubai where you can experience their juicy and unique biryani.

  • Price: AED 16.75 Onwards
  • Address: Food Court, Near Lulu Hypermarket – Al Nahda St, Dubai

Calicut Paragon, Al Karama

Calicut Paragon, Dubai
Calicut Paragon, Dubai

Popular for traditional Malabari Chicken Dum Biryani, Calicut Paragon is another brand of Paragon group serving delicious Malabari dishes in Dubai. Along with Chicken Dum Biryani, their Fish Mango Curry is also very popular among diners. Overall food at Calicut Paragon is amazing and you can experience it at their multiple branches in Dubai. The most popular branches are in Al Karama and Al Nahda. Also, if you are looking to have South Indian cuisines then there is no better place than Calicut Paragon and Salkara restaurant. All the orders of Biryani are served with Raita, Chutney, Pickles, and Payasam.

  • Price: AED 16.75 Onwards
  • Address: Al-Tayer Building Block A – G Floor,Mattar – 20 B St, Dubai

Grub Shack, Umm Hurair

Grub Shack, Umm Hurair
Grub Shack, Umm Hurair

Ever heard about “Rubber Biryani”? Sounds weird to us also. Grub Shack in Dubai offers this Rubber Biryani which is quite popular at the restaurant. Unlike the above-mentioned restaurants, you can experience a whole different Goan dishes at Grub Shack. The GS Special Biryani is a must-try dish for every biryani lover. Other than GS Special Biryani, one can also try Peri Peri Biryani and Tawa Tandoori Biryani at Grub Shack. Grub Shack is one of its kind in Dubai and you will love your time at the restaurant due to its vibe and wide range of food options. Make sure to try Grub Shack which is one of the best places for biryani in Dubai.

  • Price: AED 50 Onwards
  • Address: Building No.41, Near Mediclinic City Hospital, Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai

Saif Restaurant, Hor Al Anz

Saif Restaurant, Al Hor Anz
Saif Restaurant, Al Hor Anz | Picture: Zomato

Looking for a Hyderabadi restaurant in Dubai? Saif Restaurant is the best Hyderabadi restaurant in Dubai. The restaurant is usually rushed so make sure to confirm your reservation by calling the restaurant. Also, you might have to wait for some minutes even if you have a confirmed reservation. Seating arrangements are nice and a big table for 7-10 people is available at the restaurant for big gatherings. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani at Saif Restaurant is a must-try. Along with biryani, you can also try their Chicken Curries, Talawa Ghost, and Mutton Biryani. In dessert, don’t forget to try Quabani Ka Khala. Except for average customer service and waiting time, you’ll love the food.

  • Price: AED 13 Onwards
  • Address: 42 A St – Hor Al Anz, Dubai

Silver Spoon Restaurant, Halwan Suburb

Best Biryani in Dubai - Silver Spoon Restaurant
Best Biryani in Dubai – Silver Spoon Restaurant

The biryani at Silver Spoon Restaurant is so good that you won’t mind driving 15 km just to have biryani. Biryani at Silver Spoon Restaurant is less spicy and less oily. The ambiance of the place is fine and a variety of Indian food items can be experienced at the restaurant. If you are visiting Silver Spoon restaurant then don’t forget to try their Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Served marinated with succulent meat and aromatic spices, it is among one of the best biryani in Dubai. The menu has a lot to offer but the biryani is the most popular and must-try item at Silver Spoon Restaurant. A portion of biryani is sufficient for 1 person. The restaurant is usually rushed so you may need to wait to get a table on your visit.

  • Price: DHS 20 Onwards
  • Address: Opposite St Michael’s Church, Abdullah Bin Anees Street, Al Yarmook, Halwan Suburb, Sharjah

Student Biryani, Al Karama

Student Biryani, Dubai
Student Biryani, Dubai | Picture: Hidubai

Another Pakistan based restaurant in this list of best places for biryani in Dubai. Student Biryani is quite popular for biryani in many countries. Also known for breakfast items, this place is quite popular among the youth. Not just the food but the service of the restaurant is really good. Popular biryani dishes of Student Biryani are Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani. Along with biryani, they serve delicious Haleem and Mutton Paya. The portion of serving is good and every penny which you spend at the restaurant is worth it.

  • Price: AED 25 Onwards
  • Address: Kuwait St, Al Karama, Dubai

Bhai Kadai Biryani, Al Karama

Bhai Kadai Biryani, Dubai
Bhai Kadai Biryani, Dubai

The portion of biryani served in 1 bowl is more than sufficient for 1 person. If you are low on huger then you can bring a friend and enjoy 1 bowl of biryani together at Bhai Kahai Biryani in Dubai. They have got a small dining area which is usually rushed. Taking a take-away order will be a good option at Bhai Kadai Biryani. Biryani is well cooked with chicken and aromatic spices which makes their biryani one of the best in Dubai. Other than biryani, you can also try some other food dishes from various cuisine types. Not just the food but customer service is up to the mark. Mutton Dum Biryani is a mut-try at Bhai Kadai Biryani. Along with Biryani, you’ll be served Brinjal Curry, Onion Raita, Boiled Egg, and Gulab Jamun.

  • Price: AED 16.95 Onwards
  • Address: 16 6A Street – Al Karama, Dubai

Sthan, Al Karama

Sthan, Dubai
Sthan, Dubai

Sthan is Dubai’s one of the best premium dining restaurants and also one of the top-rated restaurants. The restaurant is popular for dishes like Chicken Lababdar Masala, Rara Ghost, Dal Bukhari, Hyderabadi Haleem, Murgh Malai, Biryani, etc. One can experience a variety of cuisines from India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. Being a premium dining restaurant, Sthan offers quality customer service and obviously great food. Must-try dishes at the restaurant are Sindhi Biryani, Chicken Tikka Lababdar, Machi Ambarsari, Kadak Palak Chat, and Chapli Kebab.

  • Price: AED 38 Onwards
  • Address: 68W5+WF, Al Karama, Dubai

Shahi Mahal Restaurant, Al Quoz

Shahi Mahal Restaurant, Best Biryani in Dubai
Shahi Mahal Restaurant, Best Biryani in Dubai

There are so many good places for biryani in Dubai that we cannot club in the top 3 or even in the top 10. So, this is going to be an extended list of the best places for biryani in Dubai. Shahi Mahal Restaurant is a Pakistani restaurant offering a variety of cuisines from Pakistan’s different regions. If you are looking for a desi dining experience then it is a must-try place. Biryani is prepared by the expert chefs from Hyderabad so now you know why this place is on the list of best places for biryani in Dubai. Along with delicious biryani, you can also try Butter Naan, Achari Chicken, and Jalebi at Shahi Mahal Restaurant.

  • Price: AED 15 Onwards
  • Address: Al Faris Mall, Next to Dubai Bowling Center, Dubai

SS Bucket Biryani, Al Karama

SS Bucket Biryani, Al Karama
SS Bucket Biryani, Al Karama | Picture: Zomato

Another place in this list of best biryani in Dubai where you need to pass through a queue to get your order. SS Biryani is a Chennai based biryani restaurant that is one of the best in Chennai. They use fresh mutton which makes the meat taste so good and juicy. Biryani is served with brinjal curry, onion raita, and gulab jamun. If in case you are looking for Tamil style biryani then SS Bucket Biryani is the best place to go. Not just the taste but the portion of the biryani is worth every penny. Both Chicken Biryani and Mutton Biryani is available at the restaurant. As per our knowledge, there is no dine-in facility available at the restaurant.

  • Price: AED 17 Onwards
  • Address: 18a Street – 318) 33 – Al Karama, Dubai

Asha’s Restaurant, WAFI Mall

Asha's Restaurant - Dubai
Asha’s Restaurant – Dubai

A premium dining restaurant in Dubai by legendary singer Asha Bhosle. Not just the food but the restaurant offers a different vibe which is worth a try at least once in life in anyone is in Dubai. Asha’s Restaurant is big in size and seating arrangements are amazing. The ambience of the restaurant is premium and the service is outstanding. As expected, the food never fails to impress the customers and this is what makes their customers keep coming again and again. Not just biryani but the entire range of dishes are perfectly made by the chefs. Also, if you like listening to Asha’s songs then you’ll love your time being there.

  • Price: AED 119 Onwards
  • Address: Pyramids,WAFI Mall Oud Metha Rd – United Arab Emirates

Arsalan, Al Karama

Arsalan, Al Karama
Arsalan, Al Karama

Coming all the way from Kolkata, Arsalan is one of the best places for biryani in Kolkata. Having their branch in Al Karama, you can now experience amazing Awadh inspired biryani at Arsalan Restaurant & Caterers in Dubai. They have a fine dining restaurant where you can spend some quality time with your family or friends having delicious food. Especially if you are from Kolkata and wanting to have some Kolkata-style food then this is the place for you to go. The aromatic less spicy biryani is going to leave you in the aura of Awadhi-style biryani. Along with Biryani, you can also try their Chicken Chaap, Egg Rolls, and Kebabs.

  • Price: AED 30 Onwards
  • Address: Shop 3 & 4, Shamma Building, Behind Park Regus, Near Aster Medical Center, 6A Street, Al Karama, Dubai

Biryani Pot, Umm Suqeim

Biryani Pot, Best Biryani in Dubai!
Biryani Pot, Best Biryani in Dubai! | Picture: Zomato

Last but not least, Biryani Pot is known for its mouthwatering handi biryani. Located next to Irani Supermarket, Biryani Pot is an amazing place to eat at. From customer service to food quality, everything is kept top-notch. On arrival, you’ll be served a refreshing welcome drink at the restaurant. They keep running attractive dining offers which you can avail on your visit to the restaurant. Food is served quickly so that customers don’t need to wait much to get their food. Again, we must say, not just the food but ambiance, service, vibe, everything is so good at Biryani Pot.

  • Price: AED 45 Onwards
  • Address: Jumeirah Street, Next Irani Super Market, Dubai

FAQs – Best Places for Biryani in Dubai

Jaffer Bhai Al Karama
Pak liyari meena bazaar
Salkara restaurnat quasis
Calicut paragon al nahada
Grub shack dubai
Saif restaurant hor al anz
Silver Spoon Sharjah
Student Biryani Al Karama
Bhai Karai Biryani
Sthan Al Karama
Shahi mahal restaurant
SS Bucket Biryani Al Karama
Asha’s Restaurants
Arsalan Al Karama
Biryani pot dubai

There are 5 varieties that restaurants use for biryani and you can also use these if you are planning to cook biryani at home:

  • Daawat Dubar Basmati Rice (Old)
  • Vedaka Super Basmati Rice
  • Nature’s Gift Basmati Rice
  • India Khas XXL Supreme Basmati Rice
  • Shrilalmahal Fitness Basmati Rice

Generally 2 people of healthy appetite can equally enjoy 1 kg of biryani and 3-4 people of below average appetite can easily enjoy 1 kg biryani. Half plate of biryani is generally known as 500 gms of pack. 2 people with average appetite can easily eat in half kg of biryani.

1 kg (kilograms) biryani simply means one kilogram of rice and 1 kilogram of chicken. Combined together, it is served as 1 kg of biryani. The material is firstly weighted in raw form valuing 1 kg and then cooked. 1 Kg biryani is quite popular among groups.

Hyderabad is the most popular place for biryanis in India. Biryani lovers from around the country at least visit this place once to experience the authentic biryanis of Hyderabad. Chennai is the second most popular place for biryani in India.

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