These Monsoon Food items will Make this Monsoon Joyable

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The most awaited season of rains is finally here. Monsoon is probably the most favorite season in India and so is Monsoon food in India. Combination of wind and water is the most refreshing feeling which we get to experience throughout the Monsoon. Like other seasons, Monsoon also has its taste in food. Not everyone prefers the same dish but monsoon dishes are liked by everyone in India no matter which city or culture they belong too. Just like, Chai and Pakode, right? no one can deny having Chai along with Pakode during rains.

You may be having some travel plans for this monsoon, so whether you be on hills, on a beach, in a city, or your home, we have monsoon food items to try for everyone. So, the only thing you need to do is get somewhere, enjoy the rain, and also the food which we are going to tell you. Monsoon food dishes we are going to mention can be cooked at home or you can have it at a shop or restaurant. Despite the taste, please do take care of hygiene at that place, because monsoon comes with a lot of easy to spread diseases. So, make sure that you don’t fall sick otherwise you’ll miss the joy of Monsoon.

Chai Pakode (👑 King is Always on the Top)

Chai and Pakoda
Chai and Pakoda | Picture Credits: @aditi_bakes_n_cooks

When you are in India, you must know that India is a country where you get to experience 1000s of different and unique dishes. Chai Pakoda is a simple but legendary food combo. Monsoon is a season of rain and when it is raining outside, everyone in your house or group would love to have Chai Pakode. Pakodas can be made of Potatoes, Onion, Spinach, Cauliflower, Corn, Paneer, and even chicken for non-veg lovers. For me, onion and potatoes are the best with Chai.

Aloo Paratha with Chatni or Pickle

Aloo Paratha
Aloo Paratha

Aloo Paratha is another common but widely liked across India. It is among those few food items which can be eaten at any time of the day. Let it be morning breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Aloo Paratha is perfect for all the forms of the meal. Have you ever tried it with Chai? If not, you should give it a try. I like having aloo paratha with Chai in the morning. Also, you can have it with Pudina Chatni, Tomato Ketchup, or with Pickle as shown in the image above.

Hot and Sweet Jalebis

Jalebis | Picture Credits: Heerak @__hrk________

No person in our country is unaware of Jalebis. This legendary sweet has its place in everyone’s heart. Jalebi is the perfect hot sweet to have in chilled weather. For having a perfect experience of Jalebis, have them when they are hot and crispy. If it gets cold, you may not like it as much as you like it hot. Also, the best thing about Jalebis is that you can have it with anyone, no matter what age group, interest, food choice, because Jalebis are perfect for everyone. So, if you are craving for something to have in this Monsoon, Jalebis are perfect. It can be quite tricky to make them at home, you can order it or can go out and grab them for everyone.

Corn (भुट्टा)

Bhutta | Picture Credits Utkarsh Deshpande @thecolourfulindiandiary

A commonly available and natural food item which is quite popular among everyone. In monsoon, you should bring it home. Corn is a healthy food which can be enjoyed during rains. Known as Bhutta in most of the regions of India, Bhutta is best enjoyed by rubbing lemon and salt on it. You can have Bhutta at any popular place during Monsoon in India and even on the street. In malls and parks, sweet corn can be easily found but that is sort of a different thing.

Alur Chop (Potato Fritters)

Alur Chop
Alur Chop

Made up of mashed potatoes and besan coating, Alur Chop is a very tasty disk or we can say a snack. It is a deep-fried snack which can be served with a variety of chutney and sauces. Alur Chop can also be used as Tikki between burgers and Kathi rolls to enjoy it with some added stuff. It is a Bengali dish which is also quite popular in Bihar and Jharkhand.



Momos! Yes, you heard it right. I don’t know if you are aware of it or not but Momos are the most favorite food item to have during rain in Northeast. Momos go hand in hand with Monsoon and rains. Not everyone prefers eating momos but some are just a fan of it. Sometimes it is okay to have Momos. If you eat it every day, you need to think about your health again. Momos are not good for having every day but sometimes it can be a spicy deal. So, if you haven’t eaten it for a long time, this monsoon is the best time to have them again with that red spicy hot chutney.

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